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We are an e-commerce, dynamic investment company that focuses on profit sharing, mentoring and developing entrepreneurship in the world of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Altcoin.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between rich and poor, to empower communities with advanced knowledge on the new crypto evolution intelligence and skills acquisition to create financial independence and wealth through trading with in Cryptocurrencies and other traditional investments that yield high profits and improve service delivery.

We change our clients’ and partners’ lives by creating lucrative business opportunities through crypto-asset brokerage/consulting services for individuals, companies, and institutions in the crypto market and in several profitable and promising areas, such as i Forex trading with cryptocurrencies, ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), software integrations, and consulting solutions.

Mission, Vision & Values of CryptoXL

Our Mission
To produce maximum investment income by using the power of private capital in helping to solve some of the world’s critical socioeconomic challenges through modern innovative approaches that maximize profitability in the global investment market.
To provide a leading platform of retail and private impact investment products that embrace profitability and measurable returns, with a focus on changing lives in communities we serve.
Accountability – we embrace profitability and consistency as the lifeblood of the organization.

Adaptability and Flexibility – we encourage an entrepreneurial mindset to consistently improve and solve nonstandard problems through creativity.

Humility – we seek to listen and learn from others and guard against prideful attitudes.

Integrity – we are committed to intellectual honesty and reliability.

Transparency – we are precise and open about goals, results, successes and failures and we advocate an environment where we learn from those experiences.


We serve individual investors, financial institutions around the globe through a broad range of investment portfolios that include Bitcoin, Gold, Diamond, Hardware, Real Estate, import & Export of Commodities and Agro Processing. On behalf of our investors we investment in:

1. Bitcoin Trading

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Less than a decade ago, the first decentralized currency was introduced to the business world. This digital cryptocurrency and payment system has revolutionized the way we do business and those in the know have already changed their lives forever. It has become an unalienable part of financial transactions and a means of income. We invest into Bitcoin through mining with our partners and trading on major exchanges thereby creating huge profits for you our partners and customers.


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Precious Metals like Gold and Diamonds have always been associated with the high-class individuals who have wealth and economic security. The demand for precious metals is driven not only by their practical use but also by their role as investments and a store of value. They command higher value than any other commodities. We have concentrated our business in mineral-rich areas, especially, on the African continent to trade on your behalf in these metals. We largest markets are in North America. We have made incredible profits in trading these metals and we’re committing more resources to this sector.


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Real estate is the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing. Owning a property has always been connected to an individual’s success. We at CryptoXL we believe that owning property is an inherent right of every individual. We base on this believe to invest in properties around the world. This is a commodity that never loses value. We believe that no other company offers more features and utility than CryptoXL Limited. We purchase land, build, and sell properties in several cities around the world. It’s part of our Asset Management portfolio. We believe in equal housing!


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As part of our portfolio, hardware stores are quiet lucrative and mostly non-perishable commodities with high profits. Our goal is to have one of the largest hardware stores in the countries we operate in. We will set up specialty departments unique to each region based on people’interests. Having our own hardware stores helps us cut expenditures during construction of our properties in the real estate business. We purchase in bulk thus saving money for out investors.


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Our goal is to spark more local agriculture projects, assist in transformation and enhance the export-readiness of individuals on large scale schemes and companies. We are into food and beverage value addition and processing (fruits), furniture manufacturing and timber sales, fibre processing, feed production, and fertilizer production. We aim is to increase capacity, create employment, boost competitiveness and contribute to transformation in the overall Agro sector.


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To be competitive in this global market a company worth its salt must be able to compete internationally and also provide resources and services to distant markets. We import and export commodities both perishable and nonperishable like salt, fuel, wheat and maize flour, detergents, cement, animal feeds into countries depending on the market and needs of the local population. This has really helped us grow faster than we expected. Join the Winning Team and let’s provide employment, job security and make dreams a reality.

The company has developed and launched an affiliate marketing that pays participants up to 5 Level deep in referral commissions. All our efforts are geared to generating new opportunities for our affiliates, customers and partners while focusing on rapid development and steady financial flows.

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